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Township Assistance Documents

Township Assistance Documents

Please call 317.327.8947 to schedule an appointment for assistance if you do not already have one.

NOTE: An appointment MUST be scheduled PRIOR to completing the township assistance application below.

The Township Assistance Application MUST ONLY be completed once we have completed the intake process. Please call the Trustee’s Office at 317-327-8947 to complete intake.

Township Assistance Application



Assistance is provided to eligible applicants in the following categories:

Rental Assistance

Housing assistance for rent or mortgage can be provided if applicants meet the eligibility requirements. Verification is required.


Assistance can be provided for current utility bills as long as the bill is in the applicant’s name and applicant’s residence is current. Verification will be required.


Food vouchers can be provided for households not receiving SNAP and meet eligibility requirements. Verification is required and some restrictions do apply.


Bus passes can be provided for those eligible to maintain employment prior to receipt of first paycheck or to obtain necessary documentation needed for the intake appointment. Verification is required.


Assistance is available for deceased family members who lived in Warren Township and meet eligibility requirements. Verification is required and some restrictions apply. Contact the office for further information.

School Uniforms

School uniform vouchers are provided for eligible students attending Public and Charter Schools for grades K-12 and live within the boundaries of Warren Township. Verification is required.

Medical/Dental Assistance

The trustee may provide medical assistance to an approved township assistance applicant who is not receiving medical care through private insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, any other governmental medical program or indigent medical care program provided under IC 12-16.

Email address for Township Assistance:  warrentrustee@indy.gov